Who We Are

Ministry Central is the ministerial training and development effort of the General Board of the United Pentecostal Church International. It is administered and managed by the Division of Publications of the UPCI.


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See How It Works

From novice aspiring ministers to seasoned leaders Ministry Central has content available for all. Aspiring ministers can take advantage of the free sessions available in the Launch Your Ministry program. Ministers who are seeking initial licensure or seeking to progress to the next level of licensure can find the training they need in the pay as you go courses of the Licensure and Ordination program. Ministers seeking to grow and enhance their ministry can access the many resources through a monthly subscription to the Continuing Education program.

Experience Matters

Experience matters when you are developing the skills and talents of leaders with the diverse needs of our organization for the distinct purpose of building a stronger, more vibrant Apostolic community of leaders that advance His kingdom. This is why we built an innovative training environment on experience.